Banner with images of videogames covers and a Blacknut’s platform mockup

Discovery experience redesign for Blacknut

Because when you want to play, you don’t want to waste time choosing what.

Pink Pacman


Screenshot of Blacknut homepage

Initial brief : help users to discover new games and stay engaged on the platform


Stats about video game practicing in France
Source : SELL/Médiamétrie survey «Les Français et le Jeu Vidéo» — November 2020
Main findings of a survey about video games choices
Results of a survey I conducted online from January 11 to 18, 2021


Blacknut’s competitor analysis
How to identify precisely the problem I have to solve if I cannot reach the users?


Pivoting in research orientation helped me get more accurate insights

Sebastian and the Arte effect

Presentation of the persona of Sebastian, curious but not temerary user
Sebastian, Blacknut’s persona
How might we help young adults, in need of inspiration and who want quick results, to choose a game they will appreciate?


Changes on the homepage

Hifi wireframes of the change propositions for the homepage
New version of the homepage

My Collection page redesign

Hifi wireframes of the first tab before and after redesign

“Inspire me” feature

Inspire me 3-steps feature
“Inspire me” feature first screen
The three quick and easy steps to get a shortlist of accurate games
Getting a shortlist of accurate games in three quick and easy steps
Quick feedback modal
Quick feedback modal


Next steps

⇢ Re-launch the Blacknut Club

⇢ Develop the community aspect of the platform

Explain the possibilities offered by the mobile app



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Clémence Gueidan

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